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Sirena in the Community

Sirena Costa Rica Community Engagement .jpg

When I was eleven years old, I had the great honor of performing at a World Peace Conference in Jordan for the King, Queen, and thirty Nobel Laureates. As I began playing I heard gunshots in the far distance. In that moment, I understood—perhaps for the first time—through music I could serve my community and the greater society. At its finest, most fulfilled form, classical music has the capacity to translate the struggles and triumphs of the human race into a universal language. It is my deep belief that music can inspire understanding and empathy in and around us. It reminds us of the potential of beauty in a world of chaos and creates a possibility of hope.


Motivated by that seed of social change, I have spent the past two decades seeking playing for audiences from all walks of life. My deep wish to make meaningful music has brought me to places both heartbreaking and inspiring, from the bedside of an Alzheimer patient to the classrooms of inner city schools to philanthropic organizations like Equal Justice Initiative to concert stages such as Carnegie Hall and the Berlin Philharmonie Hall. Each experience has been one of profound personal growth and learning. The audience members and humanitarians I’ve met, students I’ve worked with, and the musicians I’ve shared the stage with have left lifelong imprints on my life. It is my deepest aspiration to continue pursuing a career at the intersection of art and service.

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